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Military Auto Loans

At Oxmoor Mazda, we believe that military auto loans are among our most important types of financing.  As a proud neighbor of Fort Knox, our Shelbyville Road dealership truly appreciates every military customer and holds them in the highest respect. 

Helping brave men and women in the armed services to obtain the auto financing they need is something our staff takes very seriously. Whether you’re active, reserve, or retired military, rest assured that our certified auto finance advisors will do their best to help you achieve the strongest financing terms possible on a car, truck, or SUV. 

Regardless if you’re temporarily stationed or are a permanent resident of the Louisville area, Oxmoor Mazda offers a variety of military auto loan options for people in uniform.

Military Auto Loans Louisville KY

Special Financing for Military in Kentucky and Indiana

Military personnel, like their civilian counterparts, sometimes run into financial difficulties. Divorce, late payments, collections, judgments, bankruptcies – such events can devastate a person’s credit rating. As credit scores fall, the number of local dealerships willing, or able, to help quickly diminishes. 

Smaller dealerships are often ill-equipped to handle bad credit. They do not have the resources or financial relationships to adequately address your needs. Similarly, larger dealerships often do not want to devote the time necessary to achieve a loan approval. High volume stores tend to focus on middle to high credit score borrowers and ignore lower credit applicants. 

That’s why it is vital for anyone looking for military auto loans to find a local dealership that not only specializes in subprime financing, but has a responsive staff trained to deal with lower credit scores.   

Military Auto Financing near Louisville, Kentucky

For service people in the Louisville, Kentucky area, one of the best resources for subprime auto financing is Oxmoor Mazda. As part of the Oxmoor Auto Group, our St. Matthews dealership has helped hundreds of military members purchase a vehicle – even with less than perfect credit.

What makes Oxmoor Mazda different? Part of our success comes from our strong network of local, regional, and national subprime auto lending institutions. Featuring dozens of programs to fit virtually every budget, our Special Finance Advisors have the knowledge and expertise necessary to address even the most complicated auto financing purchase.

Military Loans Near Louisville KY Special Finance

Another reason that Oxmoor Mazda excels in military auto loans is our process. We provide our customers with the most comprehensive information available regarding subprime auto financing.

We explain each step clearly and simply. We avoid industry jargon and explain all paperwork associated with your loan. We highlight the best courses of action and do our best to address each customer’s individual auto needs.

Best of all, we do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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