Mazda3 4-Door and Mazda3 5-Door Comparison

Mazda3 4-Door
Mazda3 5-Door
Fuel Economy (Highway) 37 MPG 37 MPG
Fuel Economy (City) 28 MPG 27 MPG
Overall Vehicle Length 180.3 inches 175.6 inches
Cargo Volume 12.4 cubic feet 20.2 cubic feet
MSRP $18,095 $19,345

Oxmoor Mazda offers a wide selection of Mazda vehicles at great prices to Louisville, Kentucky, such as the Mazda3 4-Door and Mazda3 5-Door. The Mazda3 4-Door and Mazda3 5-Door share many features beyond the shared name. Both Mazda3 models are fuel-efficient and economical with a standard 155 horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder engine, with the option to upgrade to a 184 horsepower 2.5L.

We are often asked if there is any significant difference in performance between the Mazda3 4-Door and Mazda3 5-Door models. The Mazda3 4-Door has a slightly longer chassis by approximately five inches. What the Mazda3 5-Door sacrifices in length it makes up for with a larger cargo volume, by an additional eight cubic feet. The extra cargo capacity of the Mazda3 5-Door compliments the hatchback when packing for a road trip, moving furniture, or stocking up at the grocery store. There is a slight difference in city fuel economy that gives the Mazda3 4-Door 28 city MPG, compared to the 27 highway MPG of the Mazda3 5-Door. Ultimately, both Mazda3 models are savvy choices for any driver.

At Oxmoor Mazda our friendly associates know the ins and outs of the Mazda brand, so let us know if we can help clarify your options among Mazda models, including customization, incentives, and financing. Once you’ve narrowed your decision down come into our dealership to test drive the Mazda3 of your choice.