Bad Credit Auto Financing


Bad Credit Auto Financing? No Money Down? 

We’re Kentuckiana credit builders and we can help. At Oxmoor Mazda, we understand that bad credit automotive financing can sometimes be an unfortunate part of life. Credit challenges can happen to anyone. However, bad credit does not define who you are. It’s not a reflection of your beliefs or a commentary on your character. Most importantly, it’s not a permanent situation.

Poor credit can be a hard reality for some to accept, but it is important to recognize that it can be overcome with the help of highly rated subprime auto finance professionals. Whether you’ve suffered a divorce, bankruptcy, sudden job loss, unexpected medical bills, or were the victim of credit fraud, Oxmoor Mazda can help you get back on the path to financial wellbeing.

With an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, our Louisville, KY dealership’s subprime finance department utilizes one of the state’s largest and diverse networks of auto lending partners. Our Mazda dealership specializes in helping drivers obtain bad credit financing with little or no money down.

No Money Down Auto Loans: Important Financial Factors To Consider

Securing bad credit auto financing can often be a challenging endeavor for many people.
Countless websites claim to offer low credit score car financing, but do those sites offer helpful, tangible advice on what to expect?

If you visited every new car dealer in Louisville, KY that advertised poor credit car loans, how much time and energy would you expend before you were finally successful? Weeks? Months?

Talk to the Bad Credit Financing Experts

Why not work with an auto dealership that truly understands your situation? An auto dealership that knows the fastest, easiest routes to obtain auto financing for people with less than perfect credit. A dealership like Oxmoor Mazda, Louisville, KY’s most trusted source of special finance auto loans.

To save you valuable time, Oxmoor Mazda has streamlined the special finance credit approval process. Our financial experts have the experience and knowledge to give you the highest possible chance of obtaining auto loan financing with bad credit.

Lenders who specialize in approving low credit score car loans typically have minimum requirements that allow for little or no money down financing.

What Do You Need To Obtain Poor Credit Score Auto Loan Financing?

  • Do you have proof of income for 2 years?
  • Do you have an existing vehicle to trade?
  • If you filed bankruptcy, has it been discharged? If so, how long ago?
  • Have you re-established credit since your bankruptcy or divorce?
  • If necessary, do you have a good co-signer?

While there are other factors that bad credit financing companies consider, much of their decision is dependent upon each borrower’s unique combination of circumstances.

Who Can Benefit From Low Credit, No Money Down Auto Loans?

Even if you’re not someone who needs bad credit auto financing, you may find obtaining a no money down car loan from our Louisville, KY dealership to be extremely beneficial. Believe it or not, low down payment car loans are easier to obtain than you may think. The varying types of people who can utilize no money down car loans are diverse and plentiful. Among those who can greatly benefit from no money down auto financing are:

  • Students or recent graduates who have little or no credit.
  • Borrowers Discharged from a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Recent divorcees that wish to limit their current expenditures.
  • Individuals who plan to use their funds to reduce current debts such as medical bills.
  • Borrowers without a vehicle to trade or use as equity toward a purchase.
  • Applicants who have limited income and wish to use their money for general living expenses.

Who is Eligible for a Bad Credit Financing Auto Loan?

  • Applicants with poor credit but have worked at the same job for one or more years.
  • People who have low credit scores but have steady job history for the last two years.
  • Drivers who are realistic about their financial situation and not choosy about their vehicle.
  • Someone willing to provide all the documents and information necessary for getting loans approved quickly.

Are you someone who could benefit from bad credit financing? Speak with an Oxmoor Mazda financing specialist now!